MARATHON – Feature-length film, 2019 (Post-production)


In this Christopher Guest-style mockumentary (think Spinal Tap), we follow five amateur runners as they train for a marathon.


SHORE BREAK – Feature-length script, 2017


Won Grand Prize in the Stage 32 Comedy Contest.


Meetings with Paradigm, Vertigo, Panay Films, Romark, Amasia Entertainment, LOL Network, Big Beach Films, and MXN Entertainment.


Fun-loving slackers try to save a Jet Ski rental business from a hotelier hell-bent on privatizing the beach.


AMERICAN COIN – Feature-length script (Commissioned), 2016


Hired to adapt the memoir of Frank Romano, “American Coin: A True Story of Betrayal, Gambling, and Murder in Las Vegas.”


SHANGHAIED IN SIN CITY – Feature-length script (Commissioned), 2015-2016


Hired to write “the Chinese version of The Hangover” by Pangaea Pictures.


Estimated budget of $1-2m, starring Billy Zane and directed by Andrzej Sekula (Director of Photography for American Psycho, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction).


PH.DEAD. (aka HARPOON) – Feature-length script (Commissioned), 2014-2015


Hired to write a low-budget horror comedy by Las Vegas director, Duane Wik.


Six grad students retreat to a remote cabin to finish their dissertations during spring break. However, their intellect can’t save them from who or what they summon from the lake.


CJ ROPER, 2ND GRADE DICK – Animated Pilot, 2013-2014


Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition - 2nd Place


Austin Film Festival Finalist - Top 10, Sitcom Pilot Category

CJ's a 7-year-old, fast-talking, chain-smoking private eye who solves cases with the help or hindrance of his effeminate sidekick, Freddy Grapes, and ex-study buddy, Veronica Pool. Every few minutes we flash to bright and sunny reality: CJ's cigarette is a lollipop, his office a princess castle, etc.

A CHRISTMAS BREAK– Feature-length script, 2013

Austin Film Festival Finalist - Top 20, Feature Comedy Category

Table Read My Screenplay Contest - Finalist

A virgin college freshman must drive 700 miles to stop his parents' divorce, but he’s forced to rent a car with a recent ex-girlfriend and his professor's hot runaway wife.